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12 Batches Of Online Sales Shoes Failed, GAP, New Beli, Decathlon And Others Were Named.

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How about the quality of online shopping shoes? Recently, the Shanghai municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau conducted a supervision and spot check on the quality of footwear products sold on the Internet platform. The results showed that 12 batches of products were not qualified, and many brands such as GAP, new Decathlon and so on were on the "black list".

   5 batches of shoes are not qualified for folding resistance.

GAP, Decathlon and others were named.

According to the announcement, GAP China official website sells 1 batches of men's sports shoes (specifications: 226285/260mm, 260mm, production date: 2018.01.27), outsole wear resistance is not qualified. In this regard, Nandu reporters call the official website customer service, the other side said it is not clear sampling inspection situation, at present, GAP official website has no product information.

It is understood that the outsole wear resistance project is an important index to measure the durability of shoes. If the item is unqualified, the shoe's outsole will wear or wear out and will not be able to wear.

The sampling inspection, and Decathlon, mogujie.com and other online platform sales shoes were detected anti folding performance is not qualified. According to the circular, Decathlon sports supermarket sells two batches of shoes, including 1 batches of women's sports shoes (specification: 21395648373466/235mm, 235mm), 1 batches of men's sports shoes (27468108547441/260mm, 260mm), and the folding resistance of the shoes is not up to standard. The 1 batch of mogujie.com shoes sold on the mogujie.com line is rated as 1950-3/37 (37), which is produced by the Shanghai shoe and hat Co. Ltd.

   Suning.com sells 1 batches of new Belle shoes

The peel strength of the backing is not up to standard.

In the sampling inspection, suning.com sold 1 batches of new bellies shoes on the "black list". Notice shows that 1 batches of soft leather leather sandals (standard size: RMDRID01DD1/235235) produced by Xin Bai Li shoes (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. are not qualified for peel strength. It is understood that the peel strength of the bottom is not up to standard, which can easily lead to glue binding at the bottom and affect the wearing and wearing of shoes.

She was named in the sampling inspection. According to the circular, 1 batches of "men's leather shoes with striped cattle leather elastic cloth" (specification: V91CD126DU1/255255; production date: 2018.1.17) produced by Jiangsu new sun Shoes Co., Ltd. are not qualified.

Appendix: list of failed products

From Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau

Selection and Maintenance Tips

First, when purchasing shoes, you should pay close attention to labels, especially material ingredients, usage methods, matters needing attention, name and address of production enterprises, execution standards, and other important information, and save shopping vouchers.

Two, when choosing shoes, first look at the size, length, height, symmetry and color difference of the left and right shoes; observe the shoes on the flat surface and observe the static stability better; check if the insoles are firmly bonded, if they can be dismantled, check whether there are nail tips in the bottom, whether the nails are exposed, and whether the inner color is fading; Check whether the small parts of the shoes are firmly installed, whether there are sharp parts around, scratch the feet easily. If zippers are drawn for 5-10 times, check the smoothness. Finally, check that the sole materials should not be too hard, and the bottom surface should be smooth and thick.

Three, leather shoes should avoid contact with sharp tools, avoid contact with chemicals, oily sewage, rainwater, replace clothes, and regularly lubricate, so as to ensure the toughness and brightness of leather. Smooth leather can be used for leather maintenance oil, wipe the same or colourless leather shoes. After natural air drying for 10 minutes, the cloth or shoe brush will be "swinging" and will naturally shine. When your shoes are wet or drippened, you can dry them with paper or soft cloth, and let them dry in the shade, not to be exposed to the sun.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

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