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Outride Also: We Are Different And Go Forward.

2020/4/7 19:03:00 0

Outride More

Time sequence alternates, everything changes, new era usher in a new look, in this new circuit, More People choose to "march forward" and follow the lens to see the group of "brave" people.

   The system is different.

The new concept of Yue space, panorama of 360 degree merchandise. The 150 models are in love. Industry large coffee fixed point simulation analysis. Solve the core problems of ordering, displaying, matching and selling retail stores.

   New strategy

1., comb the brand internal value system. Determine the location of brand luxury and designer attributes, and avoid the homogenization of products and low price wars.

2. transform provincial roles and functions. The more perfect service is the exclusive service + empowerment system terminal system.

3., create data platform and improve the talent structure system. Instilling more new ideas, expanding brand new thinking, and opening up new horizons in the market.

   We are different in action.

Go all out to empower the terminal! Action to the store, actually as a help shop, enhance the profitability of terminal stores, guide retail terminal to do shop operation and data empowerment, and enhance the consumption experience.

Set up a brand retail benchmark, formulate targeted programs and paths, generous welfare mechanism, reward directly to individuals.

   Innovation is different.

The epidemic is now family. We should quickly formulate new policies, change the mode and open the "cloud marketing" mode. On the two day, a single store 200 thousand superior performance! Because of the situation, the first phase has 200+ stores to achieve 120% sales.

   Warm hearts, we are different.

"I don't need subsidies. I just want children to wear warm clothes." More and more, "old for new" public welfare activities, one dress, one love, one touch, one dedication.

   More public welfare "Warm winter clothing" helps the poor and the public. Take the lead in the whole country! More than 150 brand stores in the country participated in it. After 53 days, 5261 pieces of clothing were collected.

For better service, for better ourselves, for a better original intention. We are different! The more we are, our children's dream designers!

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