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The First Clothing And Accessories Exhibition After The Epidemic. For The Industry'S Strong Recovery, Press "Restart Key"!

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After the epidemic, everyone expects to take the lead in the market and promote the strong recovery of Commerce.

In May 8th, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection and joint prevention and control mechanism on the new epidemic of coronavirus infection, and pointed out that "all kinds of necessary meetings and exhibition activities can be held". Since May 9, 2020, Guangdong new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control emergency response level The two level response of major public health emergencies was adjusted to three levels.

Originally scheduled for 31-4, 2 March 2020 Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition Postponed under the influence of the epidemic, with a series of strong measures and control, and working together with the whole nation to fight the epidemic, the good news of epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention continues to spread throughout the whole industry.

Meanwhile, the epidemic in Shenzhen has also been effectively controlled. At 24 hours in May 21st, 462 cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in Shenzhen. 96 cases of local infections in Shenzhen were reported zero! Asymptomatic infections were being cleared in medical observation. Only 1 cases were treated in hospitals.

Fashion Shenzhen Exhibition

(the twentieth China Shenzhen international brand clothing & Accessories Fair)

The holding time is set as

4-6 July 2020,

In the old place Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre ( Fukuda Hold.

This will be domestic. First professional clothing and accessories trade exhibition after the epidemic !

Review 2019

Book of Rites There is a cloud in Qu Li: "twenty is weak, the crown."

In the 20 year, a person can enter the age of a weak crown from his infancy, a great change and development can take place in an industry, and an exhibition can continuously accumulate experience, expand resources and broaden the scope of radiation. From time to time In 2020, as an industrial resource matching integrated business platform, the fashion Shenzhen exhibition took 20 years to upgrade the garment industry and boost the sustainable and efficient operation of the industry. At this point, fashion Shenzhen is worthy of the 20 year old crown.

In 2019, the fashion Shenzhen exhibition handed out a proud transcript:

140 thousand there are more than 100 exhibitors in the 487 shows, including 100 exhibitors, 110 thousand exhibitors in 42 countries and regions.

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition exhibition industry value chain exhibition panorama

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion show in Shenzhen Five Number Museum THE RUNWAY

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition forum summit forum

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition business audience and exhibitors are communicating

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition competition " deep " Entering fashion " Hebei " Moving heart and deep fashion fashion night 2019F SZS AWARD awards ceremony

Looking forward to 2020

The new pattern will be opened in the two quarter of the year.

Double season exceeded Exhibition area of 220 thousand square meters

2020, fashion Shenzhen exhibition breakthrough upgrade. Upgrading from one season to the two quarter of a year, officially enters the world's largest Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. 220 thousand square meters The exhibition area is fully boosted by the company's order, attracting more than expected. 2000 families Clothing and apparel enterprises and 160000 trips Attend the audience.

Double historical opportunities

Deep ploughing in the bay area, enjoying industrial dividends.

Fashion Shenzhen Take root in Shenzhen and have the leading city. The city's development orientation, solid industrial foundation, generous support policy, multicultural creative culture, and hard working atmosphere.

Deep tillage Bay Area Enjoy industrial dividends

Coinciding with the double opportunities of the development of Shenzhen, Hongkong and Macau, and the support of the government of Shenzhen, the fashion exhibition will create a professional clothing and accessories exhibition on behalf of China's exhibition brand, and make full use of the geographical and historical advantages of the industrial cluster and the world's first tier urban infrastructure to create excellence.

2 thematic exhibitions and efficient service exhibitors.

Docking professional buyers

2020 fashion Shenzhen Exhibition With " Brand orientation, original quality, business landing and trend leading "Core positioning, fine division " Selected brands "And" Industrial value chain 2 major exhibitions.

Selected fair brand exhibition: mature commercial brand and independent designer, aiming at retail channel development and brand promotion needs, matching business development resources, helping design spirit into commercial value. Exhibitors include commercial brands, independent designers and Showroom. The exhibition area is divided into Fashion for beauty and Design attitude

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition site

Design attitude In view of the independent designer's brand, we select the fashion design works that show the unique style and market potential at home and abroad.

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition site

Fashion for beauty In view of the typical mature commercial brand, it has unique design, self culture and standardized operation mode, fully displaying the brand concept and products.

The exhibition of industrial value chain: gathering quality exhibitors in the OEM/ODM supply chain, and tailor business platform for them, help the on-site signing and late transaction, and create the whole industry chain of clothing accessories upstream and downstream.

Exhibitors include garments, bags, shoes, accessories, household items, etc. OEM/ODM enterprises and industrial supporting enterprises. The exhibition area is divided into Modern manufacture , whole Decoration circles , Industrial matching

Modern manufacture

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition site

Quick response to selected market trends ODM/OEM high quality manufacturers, including garment manufacturers of down garments, coats, knitwear, denim, silk, etc., can efficiently complete the order output.

whole Decoration circles

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition site

Strict selection of quality lifestyle brands, from bags, shoes, accessories, glasses, scarves to household products, unique creative design for quality life aesthetics for a clear interpretation and interpretation.

Industrial matching

Two thousand and nineteen Fashion Shenzhen exhibition site

It includes service providers from all aspects of design, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, operation and so on. Exhibitors include enterprises from trend prediction, creative marketing, manufacturing processing to information intelligent products, providing tailored service system and efficient solutions for the apparel and apparel industry.

Professional trade matching, full channel publicity and promotion

1. Large buyer database accumulated in 20 years : a comprehensive coverage of pre -, mid and post commercial docking services, and 140000+ buyers seamless.

2. Business matching service of professional system Through the official business matching system, match the benchmarking enterprises ahead of time, and accurately link the exhibitors and buyers. To develop convenient and classified procurement routes, organize spot meetings and face to face business negotiations, and maximize the efficiency of the exhibition exchange and procurement.

3. Business matching online services, benchmarking buyers The annual cycle sends the exhibition subscriptions to the touch. 100 thousand professional buyers and partners; online smashing columns, accurately boost supply chain demand docking, achieve year-round continuous business and resource links, and help enterprises to obtain solutions to changing market environment.

Four , The 360 degree media matrix helps boost brand penetration. The fashion Shenzhen exhibition aims to expand online channel marketing, exhibitors brand and product information will be displayed through fashion Shenzhen from the media matrix, through graphic, video and comprehensive coverage. Double micro, little red book, jitter and collar English. Social media For overseas expansion of brand enterprises, provide instagram, Facebook, Twitter display and publicity. Zhongfu network, Huayi net, China apparel talent network, textile and clothing weekly, China Textile News, women's clothing net, brand clothing network, beauty net and other professional media gathered in the exhibition, combined with the official media such as Shenzhen radio and television group and Shenzhen newspaper group, as well as Tencent video, Sina video frequency, Youku video and other major video platform, and combined with posters fashion network, ONLYLADY network, The strong promotion of online media such as Sina fashion, Sohu fashion and Tencent fashion will provide tens of millions of exposure to the exhibition, connecting high quality buyers and fashion professionals at home and abroad.

The good news of epidemic control keeps coming out, and everything is transmitting a signal: the spring of the exhibition people is coming. After hearing 2020 after the launch of the fashion Shenzhen exhibition, many exhibitors and professional audience friends are very excited.

Pan chief ? Senior agent, Wuhan, Hubei

Knowing that the exhibition will start on schedule, I am very excited. I have seen the hope of the clothing industry, and I am also looking forward to the exhibition. I hope this exhibition will see more products with high cost performance, design and creativity.

Talk about the total ? Agents in Xi'an, Shaanxi

I hope to find an independent designer brand with personality style. Seven The monthly exhibition must come to participate. Exhibitors of this year are sure to have the strength and confidence in the industry. !

Liu Zong Shijiazhuang Lingfan International Trade Co., Ltd.

I have high hopes for this exhibition and have accepted the invitation of the fashion Shenzhen exhibition. At present, the brand of my own agent is: Shanghai. " SAR " Women's shoes, France "ELLE" Men's shoes, Britain " Bai Fu " Men's underwear, France " Thelebre " Leather goods. This year, there will be a demand for shoes and clothing brands to participate in the exhibition.

Seven The month of fashion Shenzhen exhibition, after the outbreak The first professional exhibition on clothing and accessories All the staff members are preparing for the trade matching of the exhibition, with the addition of the power providers and new media matrix resources to help promote the promotion and business matching.

At present, the exhibitors are Two thousand and twenty The fashion Shenzhen exhibition is full of anticipation. After experiencing the inevitable interlude of this history, it is even more corroborate. " When there is no wind and rain, keep watch. " 。 since Two thousand and one At the beginning of the year, the fashion Shenzhen exhibition witnessed the change of times, brand upgrading and industry development. ; Up to now, China's clothing and apparel industry has attracted unprecedented attention all over the world. This epidemic will push China to the cusp of the storm. The new chapter of this era is destined to be extraordinary. Seven Month, we will We are ready to catch up and create new vitality for the clothing and garment industry.

Finally, say more important things!

Fashion Shenzhen exhibition July

4-6 July 2020

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre (Futian)

We will work with industry colleagues.

Jointly grasp the opportunity of industrial heights

Based on Shenzhen, radiating the whole country

Expanding global business opportunities

The global discourse power of Chinese fashion

Let's define action together.

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